Pure Advance

The ultimate riding position, enabling the rider to take a natural stance, delivering a more stable, controlled and safer ride. Now 70% more slimline with foldable stem, handlebars and foot pads. Combining a long range of 40 km and powerful 710W (peak) motor that can handle the toughest of hills up to 19% gradient.

  • Folding handlebars, stem and footpads create a slimline folded package.
  • Up to 40 km maximum range.
  • Powerful 710W (peak) motor for easy hill climbing.
  • Forward-facing riding position for a more stable, balanced and comfortable ride.
  • Puncture-resistant, tubeless air-filled tyres. Large 10” size for safe, comfortable riding over bumps.
  • Patent-pending Pure Control™ steering stabilisation for a smooth, controlled ride – no jittery handlebars.
  • IP65 waterproof – suitable for riding in rain and through puddles.

*Don't forget - there are many factors that can impact the maximum range on an e-scooter. These include the selected riding mode, tyre pressure, the temperature, your chosen route and even how heavy you are. For example, if you're tackling hills in cold weather and on poor surfaces, you'll likely see a lower range than if you were riding on flat ground, on a warm day.
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